Environmental Services

PHASE II: Investigations

Our Phase I report may include recommendations for further (Phase II) site investigations to better define areas of concern or to obtain evidence to dismiss areas of concern. If the historical review and/or site reconnaissance suggest that soil and/or groundwater contamination may exist, the "due diligence" requirements of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA) may be interpreted to require soil and/or groundwater sampling and analytical testing to satisfy the innocent buyer provisions. Typical Phase II investigations include:

  • Soil Vapor Surveys
    Includes detection and speciation of volatile organic and hydrocarbon vapors indicating the presence of contaminants (gasoline, diesel, solvents, methane, etc.) in soil or groundwater. Involves driving and sampling of vapor probes in areas of suspected contamination or in a grid pattern across the site. May include testing of underground vaults for the presence of vapors of concern

  • Surface/Subsurface Soil Sampling and Testing
    May be associated with removal of a UST and associated piping. Includes identification and delineation of areas of suspected soil contamination

  • Groundwater Sampling and Testing
    Includes sampling of existing wells, as well as installing and sampling of new groundwater monitoring wells.


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