Environmental Services


East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
US Army Reserve Property
Oakland, California

Client: East Bay Municipal Utility District

GEOLOGICA has signed a contract with EBMUD for a Phase II Site Investigation, to be conducted in accordance with CERCLA requirements, at the US Army Reserve Property in Oakland, CA. EBMUD is requesting:
1) Characterize current baseline conditions; 2) Identify environmental conditions, including asbestos and lead-based paint in buildings; and, 3) Develop conceptual remediation cost estimates. The scope of work includes CERCLA Work Plan preparation, a field investigation comprising testing of over 100 soil samples and over 25 groundwater samples for various parameters including TPH, VOCs, metals, PCBs, herbicides/pesticides, formaldehyde, and water quality parameter, a lead and asbestos survey, building condition assessments, and report preparation.

Contract Value = $220,000


County of Sonoma Sebastopol Road Widening Project (formerly McMinn Avenue)
State Superfund Site and Highway 116 Widening Project
Sonoma County, California

Client: Department of Transportation and Public Works (DPTW), Santa Rosa, California

We were under contract to Sonoma County DPTW to provide on call, 24 hour support for emergency incidents, health & safety, and waste disposal issues related to contaminated soil and groundwater within the road construction zone. Our work included a pre-construction soil and groundwater investigation for the approximately one-mile alignment of Sebastopol Road, stockpile sampling, waste sampling, and ambient air monitoring during construction activities within the public right of way. Several hundred soil samples have been tested and over 100 groundwater samples for TPH, VOCs, and metals, primarily. We are assisting Sonoma County DPTW in management and disposal of extracted groundwater and excavated materials generated during construction and emergency response to spills of extracted groundwater. Management of emergencies has included contractor oversight, regulatory notification agency, sampling, removal and disposal of impacted material.

Contract Value = $750,000


Richmond Parkway Project
City of Richmond
Richmond, California

Client: Department of Public Works, Richmond, California

We were under contract to the City of Richmond to provide on call, 24-hour environmental support for construction of the Richmond Parkway. Extensive contamination from UST and pipeline leaks, pesticide spraying, and metals contamination from manufacturing was present in soil and groundwater. Major tasks included sampling, excavation oversight, waste disposal, emergency response, remediation, waste categorization, regulatory compliance and agency interaction and worker health and safety issues for contaminated soils and groundwater encountered during road construction. During construction, we responded to emergencies generated by subsurface encounters with unknown tanks and pipelines containing petroleum products, groundwater with floating petroleum, and subsequent surface spills of contaminated groundwater, including regulatory response, sampling and clean-ups. Over 100 soil and groundwater samples were collected and tested for TPH, VOCs, metals, and other parameters.

Contract Value = $550,000


Western Gravel Company

Client: Boccardo Management Group, LLC

GEOLOGICA is currently performing the site characterization and remediation of an 800-acre property in north San Pablo Bay previously used as an un-permitted solid waste disposal site. GEOLOGICA designed and managed remediation of surface conditions. Remediation includes soil sampling and analysis for waste characterization, identification of appropriate off-site disposal and on-site reuse, permitting including a county grading permit and a USACOE Section 404 permit.

Contract Value = $500,000


Various Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
Northern and Southern California

Client: Comerica Bank

GEOLOGICA is an approved provider of due diligence services by Comerica Bank, for environmental assessments prior to financial transactions. We are providing: Phase I and II environmental site assessments (ESA), third party review; regulatory compliance audits; facility auditing; asbestos surveys; lead-based paint surveys; seismic evaluations; radon surveys; and, geohazard analysis. We undertake three to four Phase I ESAs each month in the San Francisco Bay Area in connection with our association with Comerica Bank. Because the transactions are usually commercial ones, the sites are almost always industrial or commercial properties. Many of these sites require Phase II assessments.

Contract Value = $250,000

The Cove Development & Gateway Development Projects
Oyster Point Boulevard
South San Francisco, CA

Client: Hines

Hines retained GEOLOGICA in 1999, to provide due diligence and environmental management for two-business park development projects adjacent to the bay on Oyster Point Boulevard in South San Francisco. One part of the project included assisting Hines in the disposal of over 5,000 cu yds of excavated stockpiled soil contaminated with total and soluble lead. Over 100 soil samples were collected and tested for total lead; approximately 25 samples were tested for soluble lead using the WET test.

Combined Contract Value = $100,000


Eastman Kodak Company
Manufacturing Facility
Medford, Oregon

Client: Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

Groundwater Investigation for manufacturing plant. The site was until recently in a long-term groundwater monitoring program to demonstrate remediation through natural degradation processes, but has recently received a No Further Action by the Oregon DEQ. The Client retained GEOLOGICA to conduct a Groundwater Investigation, including sampling of 18 monitoring wells to describe and document existing subsurface conditions in soil, groundwater, and surface sediments at the Site at the time of the sale.


South Santa Rosa Avenue Storm Drain Replacement
Santa Rosa, CA

Client: Kirkwood-Bly Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

Kirkwood-Bly Construction retained GEOLOGICA to pre-characterize soils along a storm drain excavation bordering Santa Rosa Avenue, a principal thoroughfare and the route of the Old Redwood Highway leading into the southern part of town. The project involved identifying contamination related to industrial sites that had existed for decades bordering the Avenue, preparing a detailed Sampling and Analysis Plan, a Health and Safety Plan, traffic management scenarios, special rig safety requirements for overhead power lines and complex underground utilities and interface with Sonoma County DPTW project engineers. A total of 16 borings were installed and sampled along the 4000’ length of the pipeline route. Samples were composited in the laboratory and analyzed for a variety of potential contaminants depending on local site history and specific disposal criteria. GEOLOGICA is currently compiling results and negotiating disposal contracts before the pipeline installation begins in June.

Combined Contract Value = $50,000


Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District

Client: Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District

GEOLOGICA INC. (GEOLOGICA) provided technical environmental consulting assistance to the Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District (District) related to the environmental investigation and remediation of a seasonal marsh known as the Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area (Nature Study Area). GEOLOGICA provided technical and regulatory expertise for interpreting complex technical information developed by the Navy regarding site investigation, development of remediation goals for various shoreline ecological systems, and remedial action options for achieving the District goal of remediation of the Nature Study Area is sufficient to support the complex ecology of a saltwater tidal marsh.

Based on the available data, GEOLOGICA developed specific input to the Navy and NASA regarding clean-up levels and appropriate remediation technologies for chemicals of concern within the District’s time schedule.

Santa Clara Valley Water District
Santa Clara, CA

 Client: Santa Clara Valley Water District

GEOLOGICA conducted an Evaluation of Potential for Geochemical Reactions with Recycled Water on behalf of the Santa Clara Valley Water District (the District). The purpose of this work was to evaluate the potential effects of using tertiary-treated recycled water for landscape and crop irrigation on the soils within the District, especially potential changes in soil structure and clay swelling which could reduce permeability. The results of this evaluation will assist the District’s consideration of: (1) the levels and types of water treatment employed; and, (2) recycled water application and/or irrigation practices that may be implemented to maximize recycled water use while preventing adverse geochemical reactions in soils. GEOLOGICA teamed with a soil testing laboratory to develop a permeability testing apparatus used to simulate field conditions of crop and landscape irrigation in the District. Potential adverse geochemical reactions will be evaluated based on the changes (or lack thereof) in standard, measurable properties. Preliminary results that the testing can successfully identify significantly different chemical reactions in soils infiltrated with recycled water when compared to application of existing irrigation water, and that these differences that affect critical soil properties such as permeability.

Franklin Street
Redevelopment Project

Client: Redwood City Redevelopment Agency

From November 1999 to the present, GEOLOGICA provided environmental consulting services to the Redwood City Redevelopment Agency (the Agency) related to the acquisition and development of potentially contaminated properties for residential and commercial development. GEOLOGICA performed preliminary site assessments and designed and implemented site investigations of soil and groundwater contamination including the installation of 15 soil borings, the collection of soil and groundwater samples, and geophysical surveys. Results were evaluated relative to effects on acquisition and development of these industrial sites for affordable residential use. For environmentally impaired properties acquired by the Agency by right of eminent domain for the Franklin Street Redevelopment Project, GEOLOGICA provided cost estimates for environmental investigation, remediation and closure of sites with soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons and halogenated volatile organic compounds for purposes of estimating the environmental set-aside from the property value. We provided oversight of the investigation and remediation in order to provide an independent third party assessment of the extent and source of contamination and the investigation and remediation costs in support of the Agencies property acquisition. During this period, we have continuously advised the Agency on the anticipated impact of soil and groundwater conditions on short term and long term liabilities of redevelopment including site development costs, property values and regulatory compliance.


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