Information Technology & Database Management

GEOLOGICA'S staff, which includes Microsoft Certified Professionals, have many years of experience in managing large amounts of complex project data gathered from geographically diverse sites on tight time schedules, and presenting that information to our clients in a logical, smooth, concise, and compliant reporting format. To minimize the inherent environmental liability risks our clients are exposed to in the transfer of property, it is imperative that our collection, assessment, and reporting of environmental assessment information be scrupulous. To track and manage this volume of information, GEOLOGICA can implement a customized database management system using industry-standard tools and file formats. The system enables our technical, management, and administrative staff to work together to maintain up-to-the-minute information about the status of projects taking place across the country. With these tools, a Project Manager can have real-time information about the environmental baseline assessments for each property and, in turn, can provide that information to our clients as agreed upon throughout the performance of the project. Database development tools typically include Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Microsoft Visual C++. Internet applications (web sites) are developed using Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Site Server, Active Server Pages, and Microsoft Visual InterDev. These technologies can be readily combined to provide controlled, on-demand access to project-related information over the Internet.

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